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ILD Outpatient Clinic

The Cardiff ILD outpatient clinics are based in the main outpatient department in the University Hospital of Llandough. You will usually be sent a letter with the time and date of your appointment. You are welcome to bring a family member with you to the clinic. 

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What to expect when you come to clinic?
When you arrive in the outpatient clinic, you will need to let the receptionist know you have arrived at the “check in” desk. You will be seated in the main waiting room before being called through by a nurse who will ask to check your blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen levels and weight. The nurse will then inform you if the doctor or nurse specialist has requested any further tests before you are seen for example, a chest x-ray or lung function tests. You will be shown where you need to go for these tests and where to return before being reviewed by a member of the ILD team. If you are unable to walk to any of these departments, please do not worry as we can provide assistance.  

If your lung condition is stable, we may offer you a telephone clinic appointment.

There may be students sat in the clinic room with the doctor or nurse specialist. We will ask your consent prior to calling you through to the clinic room if there is a student present, to check if you are happy for them to be present during the consultation. You can say “No” if you are not comfortable and this will not affect the care you receive.

To see more information about our lung function department, please click here. 
To watch a video about lung function tests, please click here. 

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