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Workforce and Organisational Development Policies


Academic Malpractice and Fair Assessment of the Delivery of Credit Based Learning Procedure and EQIA

Adaptable Workforce Policy and  EHIA -  Welsh Version

Adoption Leave and Pay Procedure

Annual Leave Procedure  and EQIA

Annual Leave Policy for Career Grade and Medical Staff and EQIA

Attending Work During Adverse Weather Conditions (snow guidance)


Management, Issue and Use of UHB Mobile Phones Policy and EQIA

Management of Alcohol, Drugs and Substance Misuse at Work Procedure

Management of Stress in the Workplace Procedure

Managing Attendance at Work Policy   Cymraeg

Mandatory Training Policy and EQIA

Maternity, Adoption, Paternity and Shared Leave Policy and  EqIA

Maternity Leave and Pay Procedure 

Maternity Risk Assessment Procedure

Medical Appraisal Policy and EQIA

Menopause Policy and  EQIA    Cymraeg


Breast Feeding and Returning to Work Guidelines and EQIA


New and Changed Jobs Protocol and EQIA 


 Capability Policy  and EqIA    Cymraeg

 Collective Disputes policy

Consultant Job Planning Procedure


Organisational Change Policy  and EqIA and Organisational Change Policy FAQ's    Cymraeg


Death in Service Procedure and EQIA

Department of Liaison Psychiatry Operational Policy

Disciplinary Policy and Procedure (All Wales 2019)   Cymraeg

Disclosure and Barring Service Procedure

Domestic Abuse Gender Based Violence and Sexual Violence Procedure

Dress Code Policy (All Wales) and EQIA

P / Q

Parental Leave Procedure and EQIA

Partnership and Recognition Agreement

Paternity Leave and Pay Procedure 

Pay Progression Policy and EqIA    Cymraeg

Payroll Overpayment/Underpayment Policy and EQIA

Professional Registration Procedure and EQIA


Employee Health and Wellbeing Policy and EHIA -  Welsh version 

Employment Break Policy (All Wales) and EQIA    Cymraeg

Equality, Inclusion and Human Rights Policy  and  EQIA


Raising Concerns (Whistleblowing) Policy 

Recognition of Prior Learning Policy and EQIA 

Recruitment and Retention Payment Protocol (All Wales)     Cymraeg

Recruitment and Selection Policy and EQIA

Recruitment and Selection Procedure for Non Medical Staff

Recruitment of Locum Doctors and Dentists Operational Procedure and EQIA

Redeployment Procedure

Relocation Costs and Associated Provisions For Doctors and  Dentists in the Training Grades

Relocation Expenses Procedure

Reserve Forces, Training and Mobilisation Policy (All Wales) and    EQIA    Cymraeg

Respect and Resolution Policy and EQIA

Retirement Procedure

Retire and Return Procedure

Rostering Procedure for Nurses/Midwives


Family Friendly Policies EHIA

Fixed Term Contract Procedure 

Flexible Working Procedure




Safeguarding Allegations Staff Procedure and EHIA

SAS Job Planning Procedure

Secondment Policy and   EQIA    Cymraeg

Shared Parental Leave Procedure

Sickness Absence Policy was replaced by the Managing Attendance at Work Policy from 08.11.18

Special Leave Policy-All Wales and EQIA   Cymraeg

Study Leave Guidelines and EQIA

Study Leave Procedure for Medical and Dental Staff (not in training)          EHIA

Supporting Carer's Guidelines

Supporting Transgender Staff Procedure







U / V


Unathorised Absence Procedure

Upholding Professional Standards Policy

Values Based Appraisal Procedure (VBA)

Volunteering Strategy and EQIA

Voluntary Early Release Scheme (VERS)

I / J

Industrial Injury Claims Procedure


Working Times Procedure and EQIA


Working Remotely Guidelines

K / L

Learning Education & Development Policy and  EHIA -  Welsh version

Loyalty Award Policy and EQIA




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