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Values Based Appraisal - Half-Day Training

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This half-day session explores Values Based appraisal in the organisation.  As a manager, you are responsible for knowing how your team members are performing and investing time in managing their performance is essential to ensure that they are all delivering excellent services. This training day will help you adapt your pre-existing skills to the new appraisals process.

In this practical and interactive session you will explore how to use Values Based Appraisal to develop and nurture engaged and motivated staff with the skills and confidence to live up to our values every day.  You will have the opportunity to explore the toolkit and recording mechanisms, discuss your own experiences with your peers, and consider the challenges and rewards of using the process.

Values-Based Appraisal is one part of Cardiff & Vale’s Succession Planning Strategy and as such links directly to the organisations vision and strategic objectives.  Conversations about values, behaviours and performance are an important means of communication and should happen at every meeting between managers and staff but the annual VBA is designed to reflect on progress over a longer period and map out the future.

This session is aimed at experienced appraisers and does not cover the softer skills required for conducting appraisals. If you are new to appraising staff or require more detailed training, please book onto the full-day session.

Benefits to You

You will be able to;

  • Use the Values-Based Appraisal toolkit to hold an annual conversation with each member of your team and record the outcomes on ESR

  • Discuss the impact of performance management on the impact of quality of care

  • Understand how Values Based Appraisal fits into the overall People Management and Succession Planning structure for the organisation

  • Support staff to translate the organisations values into everyday actions, decisions and behaviours support a focussed conversation around development and recordable 

Available Dates

This programme is temporarily on hold due to COVD-19.

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Leadership Behaviours

This session will help you to develop your leadership behaviours in the following areas:

  • Learning and self-awareness
  • Political Awareness and Skill
  • Sharing leadership

More Information

Target Audience

All new and existing line managers within Cardiff and Vale UHB.


Please note that all courses are free, unless otherwise stated.


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