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Managing Attendance at Work Training

This training is facilitated by People Services and Staff-Side TU Colleagues, this training module will cover the key aspects of the Managing Attendance at Work Policy. This training is designed to meet the learning needs of colleagues and managers, including TU Reps, who are new to managing and have not yet attended the face to face Managing Attendance at Work Policy training, or for experienced managers as a refresher. Please note that it would be useful to review the Managing Attendance at Work Policy and prepare any questions you may have before attending the session.


This training is designed to support managers at all levels who are required to manage their staff in line with the Managing Attendance at Work Policy. The course is designed to share the knowledge and skills necessary to undertake this important management role.


Learning Outcomes/Objectives are to:
  • Appreciate the need to know your team members and commit to building positive relationships.
  • Understand our role in creating a culture that encourages attendance.
  • Be aware of and be able to apply absence-related policy and processes.
  • Appropriately support absent colleagues in a positive and sensitive manner.

To obtain information about dates, venues and times for training, please follow the below instructions:

  1. Open the camera on your phone.
  2. Hover it over the QR code
  3. Click on the link that comes up on screen
  4. Log into ESR and enrol onto an available course (if it doesn’t work the first time, scan the code again once you are logged in)

You can alternatively book onto the Managing Attendance at Work training via ESR self-service or by CLICKING HERE. You can find instructions on how to book onto the training via ESR here. Please note that you do not have a place on the course until you are booked via ESR and your manager has approved your request to attend.

If you have any queries or difficulties booking onto the training, please contact the People Services Team via the Action Point email address.



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