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Managing Attendance Policy and How To Procedures

The new NHS Wales Managing Attendance Policy [English MAWP[Cymraeg RPGP]  looks very different to our usual policies and procedures. It is designed to be interactive and includes a number of 'how to' guides to support managers with the various scenarios they may face. These consist of:

  • Notification and Certification
  • Managing Frequent Short Term Sickness Absence
  • Managing Long Term Sickness Absence
  • Occupational Health
  • Return to Work
  • Phased Return and Temporary Redeployment
  • Reasonable / Tailored Adjustments
  • Minimum Standards

Do not print this policy as it is much easier to use online. Instead, click on whichever box you are interested in and it will take you straight to the relevant section.

View the policy and the 'How To' procedures [English MAWP[Cymraeg RPGP]

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