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Young Carers

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Young Carers are defined as children and young people under the age of 18 who have caring responsibilities for someone who has a physical or mental illness, a physical or learning disability, or drug or alcohol problem.

The person they look after may be a parent, a brother or sister, a grandparent or other relative. They may provide practical or physical care, help with personal care, and help with domestic tasks and/or emotional support.

Young Carers locally have provided the following definition of their role based on their personal experiences.

“A young carer looks after someone with a mental or physical disability within their home. They look after that person by helping with household chores, being there emotionally or physically helping by doing things such as bathing them.

"The care they provide is not only the things you see like cooking, cleaning, changing bandages or helping someone with the toilet, it’s also the things you can’t see, like how a carer thinks or feels about their caring role”.

Advice and Support for Young Carers

The YMCA support Young Carers by running two projects:

  • 'Time 4 Me' Young Carers Project (7-18 years)
  • 'Time 4 More' Young Adults Carers Project (17-25 years)

Contact them by phoning 029 2046 5250 Ext 211, or email or

Alternatively more information regarding support for young carers can be found online: YMCA Website.

Young Carers ID Card

The Young Carers ID card is a simple card to help professionals including doctors, teachers and pharmacists to recognise young carers and support them appropriately. Cards can be requested by contacting the YMCA

Cardiff Council

Contact the Cardiff Family Gateway on 03000 133 133 (freephone) or email

Vale of Glamorgan Council

Contact the Families First Advice Line on 0800 0327 322 or email

Meic Cymru 

Meic Cymru provides a free advocacy, information and advice helpline for children and young people. They are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be contacted on 080880 23456. 

Primary Mental Health Team

The Primary Mental Health Team meet with young people (under 18 years) and their families to help with a range of difficulties including anxiety, low mood, stress and relationship difficulties to name a few. They can be contacted on 029 2090 6235. More information and further advice for young people can be found via Stepiau.

For further advice and support Young Carers can contact the Patient Experience Team on 029 2184 5692 or email


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