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Steady On Stay Safe

The ‘Steady On, Stay Safe’ campaign has been developed by health boards, public bodies and the third sector that have expertise in falls prevention, led by the National Falls Prevention Task Force.

The campaign aim is to reduce risk of falls through 3 key messages:

  • Stay active and stay strong
  • If you fall, tell someone
  • Watch your step – be aware of trip hazards

Here are some useful website links to organisations that support this campaign:

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Who We Are

Meet the public health team.

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What We Do

The public health team identifies and addresses current and future population health issues, improves health and reduces health inequalities among residents and communities in our area.

Key Areas of Focus

The wide range of health-related topics the Public Health Team cover include alcohol, tobacco, keeping fit, fall prevention and more.

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Public Health Dietetic Team

The Public Health Dietetic Team supports and develops new initiatives helping people to make healthy food choices.

Key Publications and Information for Professionals

We have included the key publications which you may find of interest.