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Acute Nephritis

Most children with acute post-infectious nephritis can be managed in the local hospital in consultation with the SPIN and paediatric nephrologists in Cardiff or Liverpool (for North Wales). It is unusual for these children to require renal replacement therapy. Please refer to the guideline endorsed by your lead paediatric nephrology centre.

Patients who develop acute nephritis where a post-infectious aetiology is not suspected should be discussed with a paediatric nephrology consultant.
In patients with a diagnosis of post-infectious nephritis, the following features should prompt discussion with a paediatric nephrologist:
  • Oliguria failing to respond to adequate doses of furosemide (doses up to 5 mg/kg may be needed in presence of renal impairment).
  • Persistent renal impairment
  • Persistent proteinuria
  • Failure of complement levels to normalize by 8 weeks
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