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Dementia training and development options

E- learning

  • Communication guide: Dementia ‘At a Glance’ (5 minutes)
  • Barbara’s story  - Barbara’s story follows a person with dementia in their journey through hospital. The video helps people understand how frightening and confusing it can be, and how little changes staff put into place can make a huge difference. 


NB - Staff accessing this page from an NHS computer can view the video from the Public Health Team's News and Events page on the Intranet site (although not all computers have sound cards).

  • NHS Wales dementia awareness training (30-40 minutes) - this useful module teaches people the basics on dementia and there are fun quizzes to complete along the way. Staff will need to search for ‘dementia awareness’, log in and put in the Cardiff and Vale enrolment code to commence it.
  • Mental Capacity Act training -  this e-learning MCA course on the NHS learning site will provide a basic understanding of the Mental Capacity Act 2005 which is essential for the provision of high quality, person-centred, lawful treatment and care to people with dementia.  MCA learning sessions are also held on a regular basis across the UHB – see the LED prospectus for further details.
  • Dental care – Dental care for a person with dementia is highly important. Dental pain can present in behaviour that challenges.
  • Dementia poem - This inspirational poem from Caregiver's Voice is told from the perspective of someone living with dementia

Face-to-face training

  1. Dementia Friends (45 minutes to 1 hour)  - All staff OR
  2. Dementia training – Foundation level  (up to 2 hours) – All staff OR
  3. Dementia training – Essential learning (up to 4 hours) – Staff with more contact with patients with dementia.
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