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Dementia Champions

Dementia Champions are there to remind colleagues of the needs of people living with dementia, and to encourage us all to think of simple steps and small changes to meet those needs better.

A Dementia Champion aspires to:

  • Be a dementia advocate or ‘agitator’
  • Challenge and influence
  • Input into service developments and evaluation
  • Be knowledgeable and experienced in dementia care
  • Mainstream and integrate dementia care
  • Create a network of Dementia Champions

The actions of a Dementia Champion include:

  • Being the main point of contact for patients, carers and families in relation to dementia care
  • Co-ordinating and signposting
  • Providing dementia education and awareness
  • Leading on the Butterfly scheme and related REACH person-centred needs assessment
  • Leading by example
  • Using well-evidenced best practice

Dementia Champions by Clinical Board

If you are interested in finding more about becoming a Dementia Champion, please contact your respective Clinical Board Dementia Champion.

Clinical Board

Clinical Board Dementia Champions

Children and Women

Claire Thorrington

Clinical Diagnostics and Therapeutics

Chris Sampson


Chandri Joshi


Dr Swapna Fernandez

Candy Dodwell

Mental Health

Dr Sabarigirivasan Muthukrishnan

Mark Doherty

Dr Ceri Evans

Mark Jones

Primary Care and Intermediate Care

Denise Shanahan and All Community Directors

Specialist Services

Carys Fox

Surgical Services 

Heather Mahoney


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