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Who we are

We are concerned with:

  • The effects work may have on your health
  • The effects your health may have on your ability to work

We Aim To:

  • Promote health and safety awareness
  • Optimise high levels of fitness
  • Promote healthy living
  • Protect employees from risks arising at their workplace

Our Services:

  • Confirmation that you are fit for the work you have applied for
  • Offer clinical staff screening for blood borne viruses (HIV/Hepatitis B & C)
  • Immunisation and vaccination for your protection at work
  • Health evaluation - fitness to work assessments following ill health / injury
  • Adaptation of work to the capabilities of workers in relation to ill health / injury
  • Advice to managers and staff regarding disability
  • Advice on redeployment and rehabilitation
  • Advice on ill-health retirement
  • Physiotherapy assessment for staff with musculoskeletal disorders
  • Health surveillance for exposure to hazardous substances/environments
  • Health Screening
  • Health Promotion

Work with Infection Control to prevent the spread of communicable diseases