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Employee Discussions and Team Engagement


You might want to choose from these topics for an occasional discussion at a team meeting:

  • What are team members’ experience of the organisation? How emotionally connected do they feel to the organisation? Do they understand its purpose and objectives? How strongly do they believe in what it does?
  • What does the team value in a leader? How do their senior leaders’ measure up? What would they do?
  • Does the team have the tools for the job? Do they feel equipped and empowered to get the job done. What would help – smarter working; problem solving; work life balance; skills for the job; technology; trust? What choices would they like to have? Are they involved enough about decisions about their work?
  • What is their experience of a supportive team? Strong teams are more than the sum of their part and create the context within which people can flourish and deliver.
  • What learning and development do they want? Can they help each other through team learning?
  • Do they have meaningful work? What would help? Smart working; better job design; changes in the team roles; greater clarity in roles and objectives; better relationships and collaboration with other teams; feeling valued
  • What is their experience of engaging management? You might want an outside facilitator for this one, so your team feels comfortable to talk.
  • What is their experience of being treated fairly? Inclusion and fair treatment are integral to creating an engaged workforce. How does the team and organisation value diversity, give equality of opportunity, promote openness and honesty
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