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In light of the current situation we are preparing to work remotely and will be unable to answer our phones. We appreciate your patience at this time.

Click Here: Guide on How to Record Covid-19 Absence. 

If you need any help please email us.  

The Rosterpro department supports the electronic staff rostering system which is used for the planning and recording of working shifts and absences. The system is also used for booking and recording Bank shifts by the Nurse Bank department.

All staff working on units that use Rosterpro can submit requests for working shifts and days off from any PC on the UHB intranet using their own personal username and password. If they are registered for Bank work then they can now also submit their availability using the system.

Rosterpro enables accurate and timely reporting of types of shift information including time balances, annual leave and sickness reports. It can also be used to record staff training and skills.

NMC Pins are also held and automatically updated on the system. Managers are automatically warned of any staff in their area who's PINs have or are about to expire.

One of the main advantages of using the system is the ability to send electronic timesheet information directly into the ESR payroll system. The payroll interface enables greater accuracy as the system automatically calculates the correct pay enhancements due for any shift worked, this results in far more accurate timesheets and less pay queries. Wards can print out detailed timesheets for their staff which give a clear breakdown of all shift enhancements and overtime. Nearly 6,000 staff across 200 units and over 1300 Bank nurses are already being paid this way and this will be extended to all areas.

Rosterpro has a two way integration with ESR, the NHS payroll and HR system. Employee information is interfaced from ESR to Rosterpro on a daily basis and shifts worked and absence information is interfaced from Rosterpro to ESR on a weekly and monthly basis.

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