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People and Culture Plan Themes

The People and Culture 3 year Plan has been crafted in line with the Health and Social Care strategy for Wales. Under its 7 themes, we set out our purpose and direction and how we are going to support you in your contribution to the ‘Shaping our Future Wellbeing’ strategy.

  1. Seamless workforce models - to support multi-professional and multi- agency working through integration of Health and Social Care services and the development of alternative workforce models to deliver a seamless, co-ordinated approach with partners based on outcomes that matter to the person.
  1. Engaged, motivated and healthy workforce - to have a workforce that feels valued and supported wherever they work.
  2. Attract, recruit and retain - to recruit and retain the right people with the right skills.
  3. Building a digitally ready workforce - to have a workforce that is digitally ready, with both the technology available and the skills to utilise this effectively.
  4. Excellent education and learning - to invest in education and learning to deliver the skills and capabilities needed to meet the future needs of the people we care for and support our people to progress their careers.
  5. Leadership and succession -  to have leaders in the health care system who embody inclusive, collective and compassionate leadership.
  6. Workforce supply and shape - to have a sustainable workforce in sufficient numbers to meet the health and social care needs of our population.
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