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Virtual Clinics


If you have been advised that your out-patient clinic appointment will be conducted using AccuRx then you will receive a text message at the time of the consultation.

When you receive the text, you just need to click on the web-link or copy the web-link into Google Chrome or Safari on the device you wish to use and you will enter the virtual consultation room. There you should be able to chat to and see your consultant.
There is no cost to you for this facility other than any data used if you are not on WiFi.

Attend Anywhere

If you have been advised that your out-patient clinic appointment will be conducted using Attend Anywhere then you will receive a text message containing a web-link alongside the date and time of the planned consultation. The link can only be used for this clinic visit.
At the appropriate time you should use the web-link to take you to a virtual waiting room called "Children's Kidney Centre". You will be asked to enter a few details (name, date of birth and a contact telephone number) before you can join the call. These details are only used to allow your doctor to identify the patient they are joining.
After the video call, these details will be deleted. Your doctor will be alerted that you are waiting to be seen and will join you when the prior consultation is completed. It is possible for you to bring other people into the call and it maybe that your doctor will be joined by other members of the medical team.
No one is permitted to record the call and everyone attending the consultation with you will be introduced.Please make sure your laptop, tablet or phone has the newest Google Chrome or Safari software. Please see the table below for how to do this.
For Apple devices use Safari e.g. iPad, iPhone, go to:
Settings > General > Software Update.
If there is an update available, click download and install.
For Android/Windows devices using
Google Chrome, e.g. Samsung, Huaewei, go to:
Play Store App > Menu > My Apps & Games > Updates.
If Google Chrome is on the list click update.
When the time of your clinic visit arrives:
  • Open either Google Chrome or Safari. Type the link you have been sent: into the search bar.
  • You can test your system by clicking on Test call.
  • To enter the waiting room click Start the video call and follow the instructions on the screen. You will be asked to input some personal information such as name, date of birth, phone number etc.
  • Read the information guidelines given on the screen and when you are ready click Start Call. Make sure to click allow if you are asked to access the microphone, camera and other permissions.
  • Wait in your video waiting room, your clinician will see that you are waiting and will enter the call.
During your call:
  • If you experience any issues, click the Refresh button.
  • Avoid pointing the camera towards a window or bright light.
  • To select a different camera or microphone, click the camera icon in the top-right of the browser window select the relevant devices, and then click the Refresh button.
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