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The University Dental Hospital (UDH) has an emergency clinic primarily for the care of patients who either receive their primary dental care from the undergraduate students, or who are inpatients of the UHB who require urgent dental attention.  A small amount of emergency care is available at the request of a General Dental Practitioner (GDP) by ringing UDH on 02921 842415.

This referral protocol forms the basis for acceptance of patients into UDH for appropriate care.  UDH accepts referrals from GDPs, the Community Dental Service, General Medical Practitioners and tertiary referrals from hospital specialists. 

As of 28th May 2019 the University Dental Hospital no longer accepts referrals via the post (With the exception of Radiology).  To refer a patient for treatment, please click here

You can download the relevant referral forms below:

Paediatric Dentistry Good Practice Guide

The aim of the Paediatric Dentistry Good Practice Guide is to support primary care clinical dental teams manage and treat children with decay effectively. In doing so they will contribute to reducing the number of children requiring general anaesthetic for the extractions of teeth in Wales. Read the Paediatric Dentistry Good Practice Guide.

SDCEP Antibiotic Prophylaxis Implementation Advice

View the Antibiotic Prophylaxis Against Infective Edocarditis Implementation Advice 



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