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‘’In our paediatric high depending unit when a young non-verbal girl was upset and it was presumed it was because her parents had left briefly but with use of the tool it became apparent she needed to pass urine and was in discomfort. A toilet aid was brought in and she was able to pass urine and was pain free again.’’
Designated Autism Link Nurse,
Wythenshaw Hospital, University Hospital of South Manchester


"I have used the Show me where tool in a clinic setting with children with Autism and communication difficulties. The tool has facilitated an examination of the tummy or chest or ears, but without the tool, at those times, examination would have been abandoned due to the child not feeling in control or able understand what we as clinicians wanted to achieve. The tool allows the child to take back some control and feel happier about what is being requested of them.  The open your mouth picture is quite incredible – children open their mouth wide open in an unexpected way. Definitely recommend this as an essential tool for all clinicians regularly working with children with communication difficulties and or Autism."
Dr Sian Moynihan
Lead Consultant Community Paediatrician
St David's Children's Centre


"We use Show me where as part of the Pain Assessment and Management Toolkit for Patients with Communication Difficulties in all clinical areas and we endorse its value in clinical practice."
Sue Mogford
Lead Nurse
Pain Team

Cardiff and Vale UHB

"The Show me where Communication Chart has really helped non-verbal and pupils with limited speech to be able to communicate if they are in pain. It has also helped pupils understand what is to happen during medical during medical examinations, which significantly helps reduce the anxiety that clinical appointments can often trigger in children with children with Autism. I have also found the chart along with the I Pad app very useful in teaching the different parts of the body."
Lucy Brassey
BA Hons Primary Studies

"My son found using the Communication Chart lessens his anxiety when visiting the Doctor or Nurse. He was able to have his throat examined for the first time ever with no stress or discomfort, for him and me!!"
Ceri Lewis
Parent of a child with Autism

"The Communication Tool has proved to be a highly effective classroom tool. It is invaluable as a teaching and learning resource as well as enabling children with communication difficulties to accurately convey the source of any discomfort or pain to adults/carers.  I highly recommend this resource to any service user working with children and adults with communication difficulties."
K Keeley
Head Teacher
The Hollies Special School

"This app is brilliant! I have successfully used it with a selection of autistic spectrum condition children with a variety of communication levels ranging from no spoken language to excellent communicators. This has enabled them all to let us know what hurts and where when they cannot express their feelings any other way."
Sunshine Haskell (BA Hons, PGCE)
The Hollies Special School

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