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Radioisotope Scan Appointment

Before your appointment

Please inform us as soon as possible if you are pregnant or breast-feeding.

You will receive an appointment letter through the post. This will detail the expected length of visit and any specific restriction or instruction, as certain scans require dietary restriction or specific medication prior to, and after, the examination.

Your examination may be at the University Hospital of Wales, Heath Park or University Hospital Llandough, so please check your appointment letter to ensure that you attend the correct department.

During the scan

We do not encourage visiting with young children.

The length of your visit to the nuclear medicine department varies, ranging from minutes to 4 hours. Some tests also require a second visit.

The specific radioactive material may be injected, inhaled or taken orally.

You may be required to wait a few hours between the above step and the scan.

After the scan

You can resume normal diet.

Special advice on breast-feeding and contact with children and pregnant women will be detailed in your appointment letter.

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