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Parathyroid Scan

A parathyroid scan aims to show the function of your parathyroid glands in your neck.

Test Preparation

Please inform us if you are pregnant or if you think you are pregnant.

Exam Procedure

Shortly after you arrive a radiographer will inject a small amount of radioactivity into a vein.  This is harmless with no side effects.

After 20 minutes you will be taken to the scanning room and have 2 scans while lying on the imaging table with the camera positioned close to your neck. There will be no need to undress for this scan, only necklaces are removed.

After these scans you are able to leave the department for 1.5 hours. Upon your return another scan is performed.

The final part of the test is an ultrasound scan of your neck.

You can go home or back to work after the scan, but please avoid close contact with children or pregnant women for the rest of the day. You can drive a car, eat and drink normally and continue taking your tablets.

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