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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

MRI service information

The MRI service at Cardiff and Vale UHB operates five MRI scanners spread across three sites.

Opening hours

The MRI scanners operate between the hours of 08.00-20.00, 7 days a week

Booking and Enquiries

The MRI queries line is 02921 846990. It is open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.

If you are unable to attend your appointment or would like to change the time of your appointment, please contact us.

MRI Superintendent Radiographer

Marie Glyn Jones

What is an MRI scan?

An MRI scanner uses a very strong magnetic field and radio waves to produce images of the body. These images can be used for diagnosing a large number of pathologies and used to plan treatments. MRI does not use ionising radiation like x-rays, and there are no known long-term health risks.

Our patient information leaflet provides some useful information on what to expect when attending for an MRI appointment.

MRI Resources

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