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Children's Podiatry

A Children's (Podopaediatric) Podiatrist assess' lower limb structure and foot function.  This can include concerns relating to impairment, participation and wellbeing linked to foot, ankle, and lower limb health.

Guidance is provided on activity, footwear, exercises, and the need for orthotic/insole management; underpinned by education.

Podiatrists can play a large role in the improvement of function, quality of life in children’s gait (walking) and lower limb conditions, being a valued member of the wider multidisciplinary team.


Keeping Me Well

The Keeping Me Well webpage has been developed as a dedicated digital resource to provide guidance and advice on children’s foot, ankle, and lower limb health.

For more information, please visit the Children’s Podiatry webpage by clicking this link. 

Please find below useful links from NHS websites and from the College of Podiatry for common musculoskeletal problems, affecting children and young people.

Knee pain common conditions liked to knee pain in children

Flat Foot

Bunion (Hallux abducto valgus)

Walking / Gait variations

Toe walking-normal variations of children walking
Flat feet-Normal variations of Children’s walking


If your Podiatrist has issued your child with exercises such as stretching, or balancing, you can watch the videos below with advice on how to perform them effectively and safely.
Simple stretches for your child’s legs

Skin and Nail Problems common in children and young people

Young people and children can sometimes develop some of these common skin and nail problems.
Please note as a service we will be updating this information as the Covid 19 pandemic eases.
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