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Post Treatment Information

We understand that treatment can be an extremely emotional and stressful time. 

When treatment is unsuccessful, it can leave patients feeling very anxious about the possible reasons for the unsuccessful outcome. 

The team at IVF Wales is available to speak to patients regarding their treatment.   However, patients often require time to come to terms with their unsuccessful outcome, and questions can be answered at the follow-up appointment which is undertaken by the medical team within the Unit.  An approximate timescale of 6 weeks for a routine follow-up is suggested to ensure that patients and their partners have time to prepare for their re-attendance at the Unit.

Consideration of funding may be available for couples wishing to attempt a further NHS cycle of treatment. If you continue to meet the eligibility criteria and it is clinically acceptable to consider further treatment, an application may be made during your discussion with the medical team. If you are able to receive a further NHS treatment cycle you will be added to the relevant waiting list at your appointment. There is a wait of up to 6 months to be offered a further treatment cycle.  

If you are unable to be considered for further NHS treatment, you may take advantage of our self funding service within the Unit.

Wales Fertility Institute has the services of an independent counsellor that you may have seen before and during your treatment cycle.  If you wish to have a discussion with our counsellor, arrangements may be made for this via the nursing or administration teams. 

Further independent services can be found at our Useful Resources section.


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