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About the Wales Fertility Institute

The Wales Fertility Institute offers a full range of assisted reproduction treatments and the highest standard of care.  

Our highly qualified team of consultants, embryologists, nurses, laboratory, counselling and administration staff offer a friendly and supportive environment to couples seeking infertility advice and treatment to help them reach their goal of becoming a family.

We realise that assisted reproduction can be a highly emotional experience, and we offer an individually tailored plan for each couple to help them remain actively involved and ensure they have complete confidence in decisions affecting their treatment.

The Wales Fertility Institute has strong links with the research team at Cardiff University and Swansea University who strive to find ways of increasing the chances of pregnancy in infertile couples.  This allows us to continually develop the latest techniques in assisted reproduction, and ensure that our patients are offered the most appropriate treatment.

All team members are expected to operate in a way that is consistent with the values of the Health Board; “caring for each other”, “working together” and “always improving”. 

We will remember to put the  patient in the centre of all that we do and decisions that we make.

Some members of the team include:

Dr Paul Knaggs

Person Responsible/Consultant Embryologist

Mrs Michelle Mason-Gawne Head of Service

Mr Gurpreet Kalra

Clinical Director
Mrs Sharron Price Matron

Mrs Stephanie Herring

Quality Manager

Mrs Samantha Parry

Interim Service Manager

Mrs Arianna D’Angelo

Mrs Mona Zaki Consultant

The Laboratory Team[s]

In the Wales Fertility Institute we have a professional and dedicated Embryology Team able to offer patients high quality treatment, care and expert advice. Our Embryology Team is committed to providing a personal service, using their expertise and knowledge to ensure patients obtain the best outcome from their treatment. The team includes embryologists,  an andrologist and a medical laboratory assistant.

The Nursing Team 

The Nursing Team consists of Registered General Nurses and Nursing Assistants.

The Institute is committed to the continual professional development of the Nursing staff, who undergo specific Fertility Nurse training both within the centre and externally.

Fertility investigations and treatment are time consuming and stressful, and the nursing team regard advising and supporting patients throughout this time as one of their main functions. We are happy to do this both at your appointments and also via the telephone.

The Administration Team

The Administration team support the running of the centre and work to ensure patients have a good experience with the Wales Fertility Institute.  Staff include the Quality Manager, Information Management Lead and dedicated administration support officers. 

The Counselling Team

The availability of counselling forms an integral part of our service.  We have a dedicated counselling team who are able to provide support to patients accessing the service and counselling is available before during and after treatment.

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