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During your Treatment

For patients undergoing treatment, we understand that this an extremely emotional and anxious time.  We encourage couples to be continually included in treatment, ensuring that you are aware of all clinical decision-making processes, and understand the rationale for those decisions.  All aspects of your treatment will be discussed with you throughout your treatment cycle, and the staff at the Unit are available for any questions that you may have. 

We aim to make sure that throughout your treatment you feel involved with the decision-making process and are aware of the next stages of your cycle.  You will have been given a day-to-day guide to ensure you have an accurate record of any instructions and attendances for your treatment cycle. It will also allow you to make any notes that you wish to ask the staff or wish to remember at your attendance.

You will meet different members of the team during your cycle, including administration, nursing, medical, embryology and theatre staff.   Whilst we are aware that it can be daunting meeting different team members, we will continue to ensure that you feel comfortable within the environment and are kept fully informed regarding your care.

Further information regarding support from other organisations can be found under Useful Resources.


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