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IAS One-to-One Support

The IAS offers support to adults with a diagnosis of autism and those who support them. If you have a diagnosis of autism or if you are a parent or carer of an autistic adult and would like to find out more information, please contact us. If you are a professional and would like to refer someone, please use this referral form.

The IAS takes a stepped approach to care. For some people, information and advice provided on the phone or by email will meet their needs. For other people it may be appropriate to access an individual appointment.

These appointments will be offered in our base in Penarth. At that initial appointment, we ask questions to find out a person’s needs. The outcome of that appointment may be: a recommendation to access other services; support to links with with other services; to attend IAS groups; or it may be that the person is offered some time-limited support.

It is not possible, or appropriate, for the IAS to provide all the support that may be required for autistic adults. The IAS is specifically funded to provide support to those people who do not meet criteria for other services, for example, mental health services or learning disability services. If someone is supported by other services, the IAS can provide consultation and joint working, where appropriate.

If people have any questions about whether a referral is appropriate, the IAS would be very happy to discuss this so please contact us. 

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