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Health Records - To help you

Your doctor and the team of health professionals caring for you keep records about your health and any treatment or care you receive from the NHS. This information will either be written down (manual records), or held on a computer (electronic records). These records are then used to guide and manage the care you receive.

This is to make sure that:

  • Your doctor, nurse or any other health professional involved in your care has accurate and up-to-date information to assess your health and decide what care you need when you visit.
  • You are invited to receive routine treatment such as immunisations and screening.
  • There is a good basis for assessing the type and quality of care you have received: this will lead to better care both for you and for other patients.
  • If you need to complain about the care you receive, your concerns or complaints will be properly investigated by the relevant teams.
  • If you are referred to a doctor in another part of the NHS, they may require to see your medical history.

You may also be receiving care from organisations outside the NHS (such as Social Services). If so, we may need to share some information about you so that everyone involved in your care can work together for your benefit. Information about you will only be used or passed on if others involved with your care require it.



Your information may be used for reasons other than your direct care. Whenever this is necessary, your information will be handled in the strictest confidence, and will be subject to the principles of confidentiality. These principles are legally binding to ensure the highest standard possible is applied at all times.

  • Whenever possible, only non identifiable information (that is, information which has your personal details such as name, address and postcode removed) will be passed on to others, and only when necessary.
  • Only the minimum amount of information needed will be passed on; no more than necessary.
  • Anyone receiving information about you is under a legal duty to keep it confidential.
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