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Twiddlemuffs appeal for Dementia Patients

a knitted hand warmer

a knitted hand warmer On Wards C7 and C6 at UHW we have many patients, both male and female, with dementia. 

These patients often become very bored and look for “something to do “with their hands. We would like to supply each one with a Twiddlemuff. These are individual and cannot be reused.


We are appealing to all knitters, or anyone who knows a knitter, who could help us make these. You do not have to sew on the “twiddle bits”, but if you are able to do so as well as knit the muffs, that would be great.

We would also be very grateful to receive donations of wool, fabric, buttons, zips beads etc for the muffs.

Any donations and completed Twiddlemuffs can be sent to Ward C7, UHW, or you can contact Sue Day on 029 2074 2181 to arrange collection.

There is no deadline for completion of the muffs as this is an ongoing project, and we would be very grateful for any help you can offer.


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