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Dementia After Diagnosis

Jackie's Story:

Jackie Askey, from Llandaff, cared for her husband, George, for twelve years following his diagnosis; he suffered from vascular dementia following a stroke. George passed away in January 2015.

Jackie said that she felt very alone in the beginning; she didn’t seek help until she had already been caring for George for two years. She had given up her job and was starting to feel depressed.

After visiting their GP, they were referred to them Memory Team however the cognitive stimulation therapy course was not appropriate for his needs.

Bill's Story:

Bill’s wife, Yves, was diagnosed with dementia in 2011. They had previously cared for Yves’ mother for 10 years, which helped him when it came to caring for his wife.

In his experience, many people find it difficult to communicate with people with dementia. He has found that they will often speak directly to the carer instead.


David's Story:

David cares for his wife, Joyce, who was diagnosed with dementia in 2011. He remembers how he first noticed the signs: Joyce would forget little things, he would find her standing and staring and she found going to Bridge Club difficult.

After her diagnosis, the Memory Team referred them to Solace which David describes as a “brilliant organisation.”

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