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Children's Physiotherapy for blood-related disorders

The Paediatric Physiotherapists in the Oncology and Haematology team see children and young people with a range of problems related to their diagnosis or treatments including:  

  • many types of cancer 
  • sickle cell disease  
  • other blood disorders.   

We have specialist experience working with children who are undergoing chemotherapy, radiotherapy, have had surgery, bone marrow or stem cell transplants and Proton beam therapy.  Our work aims to optimise your child’s physical function and development, during and after their treatment. 

Physiotherapy treatments

The treatments that we offer include:   

  • Strengthening exercises   
  • Stretching exercises   
  • Developmental play    
  • Balance and coordination exercises   
  • Positioning and posture advice   
  • Splinting   
  • Walking practice and gait re-education, including the use of walking aids   
  • Advice on appropriate exercise to manage fatigue, improve or maintain fitness   
  • Chest physiotherapy – exercises to help your child’s breathing and ability to clear sputum   
  • Hydrotherapy (exercises in water)     

Treatment will depend on assessment of your child’s individual needs and treatment journey. 

The Physiotherapists are familiar with the many attachments that can make moving difficult for your child – such as Hickman lines, Portacaths and PICC lines. We can advise you on how to manage these safely while keeping your young person as active as possible. 

We have a great relationship with our experienced Play Therapy team, working closely with them to help each child achieve their potential, often using play to achieve your child’s goals. The Physiotherapy team also regularly works with other members of the team including Occupational Therapists, Orthotists, Speech and Language Therapists, Dietitians, as well as the Doctors and Nurses.

Where you will find us

Physiotherapy is primarily delivered on Rainbow ward where we have a regular presence and in daybeds, enabling us to respond quickly to any mobility or development concerns raised by patients, families or the healthcare team.   

We also review patients in Rocket outpatient clinic and on the Teenage Cancer Trust ward, where we can work with adolescents up until their 16th birthday.   

As a regional centre, we work closely with local community Physiotherapy services across South, Mid and West Wales to ensure Children and Young People’s Physiotherapy needs continue to be met whether they are in hospital or at home.   

Useful websites

Cyclists Fighting Cancer
Move Against Cancer
Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group

Contact details

Lead Physiotherapist: Ann Baldwin     

Contact: 02921 843670   

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