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Treatment for FH

FH is a very treatable condition which can be controlled with the use of cholesterol-lowering medication, combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

People with FH should follow a generally healthy diet similar to other individuals at risk of heart disease. Guidance can be gained from a dietician experienced in cholesterol management.

It is particularly important that individuals do not smoke. In the people with FH, smoking approximately trebles the risk of a heart attack.
Nearly all individuals with FH will need medication to lower their cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease. Most people with FH will therefore be started on a statin, which are safe and effective. Further information about medication can be found in our FAQ Section or on the Heart UK website

Other Treatments

Nearly everybody with FH can be treated effectively with statins and other lipid lowering drugs. A small number of people with FH may require lipoprotein apheresis , or sometimes maybe offered a new medication as part of a clinical trial.
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