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Lifestyle Advice


Like the rest of the general population, a healthy well balanced diet and only drinking alcohol in moderation, is recommended.

Heart UK and the BHF are charities who support those with heart problems and raised cholesterol. They have developed many resources to support you to maintain a healthy well balanced diet. Below are a number of resources that provide helpful information.

Heart UK Healthy Living Resources
BHF Reducing your blood cholesterol
NHS  Healthy eating guide - The eatwell plate
Drinkaware Health effects of alcohol


In someone who has or is suspected of having FH, not smoking is particularly important as those who smoke have an increased risk of developing heart problems.

You can access support to stop smoking from the following resources or by visiting your GP.

Wales Stop Smoking Wales
United Kingdom Smokefree
Scotland Can Stop Smoking
Northern Ireland Want 2 Stop
Ireland Quit


Remaining as active as possible, improves your cholesterol levels, lowers your blood pressure and your weight. All these are risk factors for developing heart disease.

National guidance on activity is available for those trying to improve their fitness:

  • Under 5's
  • Young People
  • Adults
  • Older Adults


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