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New Patchwork App Launch

We are delighted to announce that the Medical & Dental Staffbank has updated its technology & moved from Envoy to Patchwork Health, an app built by clinicians for clinicians.

 This technology change offers some key benefits to you as a service user such as:-

  • Ability to enable instant book access for approved specialties.
  • Visibility to track timesheet submission through to payment.
  • Functionality to submit session-based activities via the app i.e., Category 1 & 5 etc.
  • Functionality to submit On Calls, splitting out any resident/non-resident activity completed within shift.
  • Planner access to view all booked shifts, present and future.
  • Ability to view & book shifts/block bookings via the app.




When will the new system be live?

Patchwork is NOW LIVE (as of 3rd July 2023)


 Who will be my point of contact within the Medical & Dental Staffbank?

No Change. You will keep your existing contact within the Medical & Dental Staffbank


What is the QR Code to download the Patchwork Health App?


I am a member of the Medical & Dental Staffbank and do not have access to the Patchwork Health App?

You will be created an account with an activation link being sent to you via email. Upon receiving the activation link, you can proceed to sign the worker agreement form. Once this step is successfully completed, you will be fully set up and ready to use the Patchwork App. Cardiff & Vale UHB will show as an available organisation as of the 26/06/2023 with all available shifts becoming visible from the 3rd July 2023.


 I am a member of the Medical & Dental Staffbank and already have access to the Patchwork Health App?

To join the Cardiff & Vale Medical & Dental Staffbank Organisation, please go to your Patchwork app, tap the top right-hand corner icon which takes you to your profile, then tap ‘Organisations’. You will be able to search for Cardiff & Vale and then select to join the Cardiff & Vale organisation. Cardiff & Vale UHB will show as an available organisation as of the 26/06/2023 with all available shifts becoming visible from the 3rd July 2023.


How do I book shifts via the Patchwork Health app?

There are three ways in which you can book or be booked onto shifts:

  1. Applying to shifts via the Patchwork app (needs approval from department)
  2. Automatically booking into shifts via the Patchwork mobile app if you have instant booking permissions 
  3. Assigned onto shifts by the Medical & Dental Staff bank team


Applying to shifts on the app

  • To apply for a shift, simply click on the shift that you wish to work to review the details, such as grade, rate, time etc. 
  • Tap 'Book Shift' to apply
  • The shift status will then change to applied
  •  The department will then need to accept you for the shift. You will receive email confirmation once you have been accepted, and your shift will transfer to your in-app planner as booked

How will I identify that I have been booked into a shift via the Patchwork Health app?

You will receive an email confirmation of your booking, in addition, you will also be able to view your booking on the ‘Planner tab’ within the App.


How do I submit a timesheet via the Patchwork Health app?

Your shift can be signed off as soon as it is completed. It is important to ensure your shift is signed off, as this step confirms your attendance. Following sign-off, shift approval will be completed by the relevant department.

In-app timesheet sign-off

  1. Navigate to ‘Timesheets’ from the menu tab at the bottom of the screen
  2. Under the ‘To Sign-Off’ tab, select the shift that you wish to sign off
  3. You can sign off multiple shifts for the same department by selecting each shift and selecting 'Sign Off Selected'
  4. This will create an e-timesheet for each shift selected that needs to be filled out by an authoriser
  5. Hand your phone to the relevant authoriser. The authoriser will then select their details from the 'Choose Authoriser' list, input a digital signature or PIN as prompted, and select 'Sign Off'
  6. A receipt of shift authorisation will be sent to you as the worker, and the authoriser

What if there is no one available for sign-off at the end of my shift?

There are a few options available to you:

  • Request remote sign-off - this will send an alert to the department requesting them to sign the shift off remotely

  • Have the shift signed off via the app when you’re next doing a shift within the department

  • Email the department manager or lead who can manually sign the shift off for you, ensuring you include the shift ID in the email


Need to amend your shift times?

If you need to amend the start or end time of your shift, this can be done at the point of requesting sign-off. A reason for the amendment must be provided in the free text box.


Remote sign-off

If your department requires remote sign-off, rather than sign-off via the mobile app, selecting this option triggers a request to the relevant team. A member of the team will then accept or reject the timesheet, including amended hours. You will receive a confirmation email, detailing the agreed hours.


How do I request to join a specialty to enable instant book?

Upon signing up via the app you will be asked to choose your specialty. If you wish to be added to a new speciality to enable ‘instant book’ access, you will need to contact the Medical & Dental Staffbank who will be happy to facilitate your request.


 What happens to timesheets for shifts completed prior to 3rd July 23 but not submitted/authorised?

Timesheets can still be submitted and approved for payment via Envoy until 17th July 23. The Medical & Dental Staffbank team will be actively contacting all doctors that have outstanding timesheets for work prior to 3rd July 23 that require submission and will follow this up with each service to gain approval for payment.


 What will happen to shifts I am already booked into with a date post 3rd July via the Medical & Dental Staffbank?

As part of the system transfer, all pre booked shifts with dates post 3rd July will be migrated over to the new system and will appear in your Patchwork App planner.


 Will there be any changes to the frequency of how I get paid for my shifts?

No. All ‘as is’ processes remain the same.



If you have any questions, please contact the Medical & Dental Staffbank team on 02921 836647 or email where the team will be happy to support.







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