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Visiting Patients

Every patient can have one visit per day for one hour with a maximum of two visitors. Visits must be booked in advance with the ward. 

For the Emergency Unit and Outpatient Clinics, please attend alone if possible. However, if you need one person with you, staff will try to accommodate this. Green Zones (Elective Surgery) and the Maternity Unit will have separate guidance. Maternity Visiting Guidance during COVID-19

  • For Carers, for those people helping with rehabilitation, for people with learning or mental health needs, the ward will agree an individual attendance plan with you.
  • For any patient receiving palliative care, an individual plan will be agreed with you.

Clinical areas have identified visiting slots to reduce footfall on hospital sites. A slot will be allocated when you call the ward. Please do not attend if you feel unwell in any way.

Helping us with Infection Control to Keep you Safe

It is very important that all possible steps are taken to prevent the spread of infection within the hospital. Together, patients and visitors can help the staff to reduce the risk of infection or cross infection.  Please observe the following:

  • wash your hands before going to the bedside and before leaving the ward
  • if you wish to visit another patient on the ward, you must wash your hands before and after doing so
  • patients and visitors must not sit on other patient's beds
  • wash your hands after going to the toilet
  • wash hands before and after meals; the nurse will help you if you need assistance
  • if food is brought in, please ensure that it is labelled and stored correctly
  • if food is brought in, it cannot be reheated in the ward kitchen due to the risk of food poisoning: if food has to be brought in, please ask the staff for advice
  • to enable the housekeeping staff to thoroughly clean around your bed area, only bring in essential items.

Bringing Food into the Hospital

The UHB Catering Services make strenuous efforts to ensure they cater for the needs of all our patients. It is important that we have your co-operation on the following matters, as we do not wish to adversely affect the health of any patient from food brought in for their consumption.

Please do not bring in any of these foods:

  • raw meat
  • raw poultry
  • raw fish
  • raw eggs
  • milk
  • pate
  • fresh cream
  • soft cheeses

We discourage the supply of hot foods, due to the difficulties of keeping food hot during the journey to hospital. If cold foods are brought in, please ensure they are given to the nursing staff for storage in the ward refrigerator. However, please note that after 24 hours any uneaten food will be disposed of.

This advice does not apply to chocolate, biscuits, fresh fruit or cakes (except those with fresh cream). Any food brought in requiring storage should be labelled with the patient's name and the date.


Please be aware that some units have security measures in place to safeguard babies, children, and vulnerable adults.

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