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Visiting Patients

Visitor Information

To protect our patients and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic, all visits are by appointment only.

Visiting Guidance

We are reintroducing visiting in line with the guidance and in certain circumstances.
Please note: Maternity visiting has separate more specific guidance. 

Visiting should be with a clear purpose and agreement for visiting based on the best interests of the patient/service user.

Reason for the request should meet the following guidance: 

  • End of life – last days of life – in these cases Ward Staff will contact you directly.
  • Carer – you are the carer or the nominated representative.
  • Learning disabilities (LD) – a patient with learning disabilities may need you as their carer/ next of kin to share information about their individual needs and virtual visiting may not be appropriate.
  • Other – for example where it is felt a visit from you may help the patient with rehabilitation, understanding of care/condition, help with dietary concerns etc.

Who can visit?

One visitor for the duration of the planned visit and we ask you to enter the hospital site on your own unless otherwise agreed.


You can request a visit by completing the visiting form and sending it the Patient Experience team by email to

Or by post

Patient Experience Team-Visiting
Cardiff and Vale University Health Board
2nd Floor Woodland House
Maes-y-coed Road
CF14 4HH

The telephone lines are open Monday to Friday 9 am to 1 pm

  • Monday to Friday for University Hospital of Wales please call 07812495305
  • Monday to Friday for University Hospital Llandough please call 07812495335

We must reiterate that this visit is a single occurrence and is in the main visit by one nominated individual. Please do not visit if you feel unwell.

Clinical Areas have identified different visiting slots to reduce the footfall on hospital sites and a slot will be allocated within 2 working days of receipt of your request-Please note due to restrictions slots are very limited.

When visiting

You must wear a face mask, use the hand sanitiser and maintain the 2 metre social distance from patients/service users, staff and other visitors at all times.

Please listen and adhere to staff advice on hand hygiene and infection control precautions on arriving and leaving the area.

Maternity Visiting Guidance during COVID-19

Helping us with Infection Control to Keep you Safe

It is very important that all possible steps are taken to prevent the spread of infection within the hospital. Together, patients and visitors can help the staff to reduce the risk of infection or cross infection.  Please observe the following:

  • wash your hands before going to the bedside and before leaving the ward
  • if you wish to visit another patient on the ward, you must wash your hands before and after doing so
  • patients and visitors must not sit on other patient's beds
  • wash your hands after going to the toilet
  • wash hands before and after meals; the nurse will help you if you need assistance
  • if food is brought in, please ensure that it is labelled and stored correctly
  • if food is brought in, it cannot be reheated in the ward kitchen due to the risk of food poisoning: if food has to be brought in, please ask the staff for advice
  • to enable the housekeeping staff to thoroughly clean around your bed area, only bring in essential items.

Bringing Food into the Hospital

The UHB Catering Services make strenuous efforts to ensure they cater for the needs of all our patients. It is important that we have your co-operation on the following matters, as we do not wish to adversely affect the health of any patient from food brought in for their consumption.

Please do not bring in any of these foods:

  • raw meat
  • raw poultry
  • raw fish
  • raw eggs
  • milk
  • pate
  • fresh cream
  • soft cheeses

We discourage the supply of hot foods, due to the difficulties of keeping food hot during the journey to hospital. If cold foods are brought in, please ensure they are given to the nursing staff for storage in the ward refrigerator. However, please note that after 24 hours any uneaten food will be disposed of.

This advice does not apply to chocolate, biscuits, fresh fruit or cakes (except those with fresh cream). Any food brought in requiring storage should be labelled with the patient's name and the date.


Please be aware that some units have security measures in place to safeguard babies, children, and vulnerable adults.

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