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LIPS - Leading Improvement in Patient Safety

The Leading Improvement in Patient Safety (LIPS) is an exciting 8 day programme delivered over 3 and half months. It introduces skills of leadership, improvement and safety sciences (human factors and reliability) that enables teams to make sustained improvements.

LIPS Programme 

Day 1 Applied Positive Psychology - Science of Happiness
Day 2 Diagnosing the System
Day 3 Leadership
Day 4 Model for Improvement
Day 5 Creativity and Reliability Models
Day 6 Pursuit of Perfection
Day 7 Behavioural Human Factors
Day 8 Celebration Event - Presenting Project Progress

If you are unable to contact us and require further information please view our LIPS Intranet Page
(You will require an internal NHS Computer to access this page),76954831,253_76954835&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL

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