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Strategic Objectives


What we want to Achieve

Our mission: Caring for People, Keeping People Well
Our vision: A person’s chance of leading a healthy life is the same
wherever they live and whoever they are.
Our Strategy is:
Our Strategic Objectives are:

Achieve joined up care based on ‘home first’, avoiding harm,   waste and variation, empowering people and delivering outcomes that matter to them.

Empower the Person

  • Support people in choosing healthy behaviours
  • Encourage self-management of conditions

Home First

  • Enable people to maintain or recover their health in or as close to home as possible

Outcomes that matter to People

  • Create value by achieving the outcomes and experience that matter to people at an appropriate cost

Avoid harm, waste and variation

  • Adopt evidence based practice, standardising as appropriate
  • Fully use the limited resources available, living within the total
  • Minimise avoidable harm
  • Achieve outcomes through minimum appropriate intervention

For Our Population - we will:

  • reduce health inequalities;
  • deliver outcomes that matter to people; and
  • all take responsibility for improving our health and wellbeing.

Our Service Priorities - we will:

  • offer services that deliver the population health our citizens are entitled to expect.

Sustainability - we will:

  • have an unplanned (emergency) care system that provides the right care, in the right place, first time;
  • have a planned care system where demand and capacity are in balance; and
  • reduce harm, waste and variation sustainably making best use of the resources available to us.

Culture - we will:

  • be a great place to work and learn;
  • work better together with partners to deliver care and support across care sectors, making best use of our people and technology; and
  • excel at teaching, research, innovation and improvement and provide an environment where innovation thrives.


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