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Class Two: What we spend and how we spend it

Information provided within this class will comply with the requirements of our Welsh Language Scheme.

Annual statement of accounts, budgets and variance reports, and financial audit reports

Annual Accounts 2015/2016
Annual Accounts 2014/2015
Annual Accounts 2013/2014
Annual Accounts 2012/2013
Annual Accounts 2011/2012
Annual Accounts 2010/2011

Detailed financial performance reports providing details of the funding received and the expenditure
made by Cardiff and Vale UHB, together with budgets and variances will be submitted to the Board
and will be available on the website.
Cardiff and Vale UHB will be monitored and scrutinised by a number of external bodies in regard to its performance in a variety of areas. These areas may relate to specific service areas, professional conduct, adverse events or the overall management of Cardiff and Vale UHB. Future Audit Reports generated from these reviews will be considered by the Board or one of the Board Committees and will be published on the website.

Capital Programme

Cardiff and Vale UHB follows the guidance issued by the Welsh Government regarding capital
programmes. Details of the capital programme will be published on the website as they become available.

Staff and Board members' allowances and expenses

Staff and Board members are entitled to claim allowances and expenses in respect of their travel and
subsistence while on Cardiff and Vale UHB business.
Details of expenses for which Cardiff and Vale UHB Directors have claimed reimbursement will be published on the website as they become available.

Staff pay and grading structures

Salaries paid to Cardiff and Vale UHB Board members and Executive Directors will be made available through the Cardiff and Vale UHB Annual Report.
Salaries paid to other staff of Cardiff and Vale UHB are determined in accordance with Agenda for Change.


Cardiff and Vale UHB receives all of its operational funding from the Welsh Government. Details of funding received can be found in the Annual Report and Audited Accounts.

Procurement and tendering procedures

Cardiff and Vale UHB follows the NHS All Wales Procurement Guidance established by Welsh Health Supplies.

The procurement guidance sets out the standard terms and conditions that NHS organisations in Wales should follow regarding the purchase of equipment and supplies.
Cardiff and Vale UHB will advertise tenders for goods or services worth over £101,323 through the
Official Journal of the European Communities (OJEC).
Further information on the procurement and tendering processes can be found within the Standing Orders and Standing Financial Instructions.

List and value of contracts awarded

Information regarding Cardiff and Vale UHB's contracts with NHS and Non-NHS organisations will be published on the website as they become available.

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