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Living our Values

The Values into Action programme launched in Spring 2016, with six core values: Trust, Respect, Integrity, Care, Kindness and Personal Responsibility. These values were co-produced in line with the Health Board’s ten year Strategy, Shaping our Future Wellbeing.

‘Our Values into Action’ is about translating our values into the tangible behaviours we want to see from each other, and to inspire us to keep improving our patient and staff experience.

In 2016, we held a number of engagement events for staff and patients. Almost 3,000 contributions were made to the Health Board’s Values into Action project designed to examine the values and behaviours that staff and patients wanted to see.

This work has resulted in a set of revised values and a description of the expected behaviours which emphasise the importance of teamwork and our ambition to always improve; key issues that staff felt were missing from the original values.

The revised values are:

  • Kind and caring
  • Respectful
  • Trust and integrity
  • Personal responsibility.

The next phase of this programme will require more engagement with staff to encourage and challenge them to demonstrate the behaviours aligned to the values.

The framework shows what behaviours we want to see what from individuals and teams and also provides what we don’t want to see. This is what we mean by Living the Values.

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