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Health & Wellbeing in the Workplace

Health and Wellbeing at work is about the organisation, its staff and trade unions and, sometimes, outside agencies working together to improve the working environment. This is achieved by promoting active participation in health activities and in doing so, maintaining and improving the health of the workforce.

Cardiff and Vale University Health Board is committed to encouraging a culture where the health and well-being of staff is a prority for everyone. With this in mind, we have developed an annual calendar so that people can promote and get involved in the relevant campaigns. Click on the below image to expand.

Health and Wellbeing Calendar 2018

All employees have a personal responsibility to maintain their own health and wellbeing to ensure they are able to fulfil the requirements of the job.

The Organisation has developed the Promotion of Physical Activity in the Workplace Guidelines to encourage participation in regular exercise and promote physical activity as part of the working day using motivational signs & reminders.

Services available to help you maintain your health in the workplace

Access to work
Occupational Health
Physiotherapy Services
Employee Wellbeing Service
Health and Safety Department

Infection, Prevention & Control

Available Resources

Alcohol, Drug & Substance Misuse Policy 
The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy leaflets
Choosing a chair to support your back
Display Screen Equipment and Eye Test Procedure
Exercises for office workers
Flexible Working Policy
Health & Safety Policy
Manager Wellbeing Matters
Manual Handling Policy
No Smoking Policy
Office furniture – caring for your back
Our Wellbeing Matters
Self Care and Self Help during formal process


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