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Leadership and Management Programmes


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There are a number of Leadership and Management development opportunities within the health board for staff members at all levels of the organisation

  • Oper8
  • Acceler8
  • Integr8
  • Collabor8
  • Leading through Inclusion

More information can be found for each of the programmes below. If you have any questions about the content of the programmes, please contact Anwen Howells, the facilitator for the Leadership and Management Programmes. For administrative queries, please contact Chris Ramshaw, the Leadership and Management Co-ordinator. 


A development programme for new and experienced Clinical Board Operational Managers within the organisation.

The aims of this programme are to invest in supporting new and experienced Clinical Board Operational Managers within the organisation to develop their management and leadership skills and equip them with the tools required to be successful in their role

Topics covered over a series of sessions are as below:-

  • Performance Management
  • Transformation and Change
  • Positive Psychology: The Science of Happiness
  • Engagement & Collaboration
  • Quality, Governance and risk
  • Leadership Styles and the climate it produces
  • Using a Systems Approach
  • Why we are here

There is no need to apply to attend Oper8 If you haven’t already been invited please check with your Director of Operations if the programme is appropriate for you.  Attendance will be supported by the Directors of Operations who will ensure that staff can be released to attend the programme.

Oper8 Useful Resources



Acceler8 introduces leaders to the business of caring within the whole heath and care system.

Intended Audience

Senior leaders from across the Cardiff and Vale Health and Social Care System


8 workshops usually across 3 months

Benefits of Acceler8

Acceler8, the business of caring is a programme for leaders within the Cardiff & Vale health system. Its purpose is connecting leaders across the system to work together across boundaries to solve system problems.  Not creating experts in any particular area, but exposing participants to a number of different experiences and perspectives, adding an Acceler8 layer to their existing knowledge and expertise. It challenges traditional health system thinking and through the weaving together of a number of key elements energises and reconnects participants to their “Why” and to that of their organisation or service.

Programme Structure of Acceler8

Acceler8 is delivered in an interactive way to help leaders think differently about their service and challenging them through site visits, play, stories, conversation and applied learning.

Day 1

What and Why

The introduction of our organisational aims, our drivers and principles and our role in making a difference

Day 2

Caring for our Patients through Good Processes

Getting to know each other, our customers and what we want out of the programme

Day 3

Caring for Our Patients Through Good Processes

Management science is the application of industrial based knowledge and skills for managing process and resources in the context of a service goal and outcome.  This session includes a visit to a manufacturing site to see the science in practice.

Day 4

Caring for Our Patients Through Good Processes

How we apply the management science to our own ideas for change in healthcare.  This session focuses on putting what we have covered to our own ideas and finishes with presenting our ideas for change to our Executives in the form of a Dragon’s Den.

Day 5

Caring for Our People and Culture

During this session we will discuss culture and engagement and how this applies to the organisation in which we work.  Delegates will then visit their work sites to then consider what they have discussed in the context of the improvements they want to make.

Day 6

Caring for Our People and Culture

During this session participants will gain contemporary insights from the field of neuroscience and business psychology. The objective of this session is to identify daily self-help strategies that could positively impact our mental and physical well-being both at home and in the work place.

Day 7

Caring for Our Resources

This session covers managing finance, and the use of internal financial information and decision making including funding flows and understanding and using an operating statement.

Day 8

Celebration Event


How to Apply for Acceler8

Delegates from the programme are currently being nominated by Executives, Third Sector Organisations and Clinical Board Teams.



Integr8 introduces staff to the concept of leadership and service improvement within the health and social care system.

Intended Audience:

Aspiring leaders across Cardiff and Vale Health and Social Care.


3 workshops in a month

Benefits of Integr8

The Integr8 programme introduces staff to the fundamental aspects of service improvement and the role of leadership in enabling change. This three-day programme brings the concepts of leadership and service improvement to all areas and levels of the health and social care system.

Programme Structure of Integr8

Integr8 is delivered in an interactive way to help leaders think about their service and how their leadership influences and drives change – example of timetable:-

Day 1

Caring for our People and Resources

Introduction to the aims of the programme and exploring personal leadership styles and behaviours.

Increase your self-awareness - Understanding yourself as a leader and the impact you can have on services and teams.

Day 2

Caring for our Patients Through Good Processes

Understanding how to provide service improvement and service review to enable locally led small changes which will enhance patient satisfaction. Consider how collaborative working practices will promote best practice and prudent delivery of services with the patient being central to any delivery.

Day 3

Caring for our People and Culture

Interactive day with exercises to develop understanding of personal effectiveness in building collaborative working partnerships within individual services, to champion and lead service improvement and delivery across Cardiff and Vale Health and Social Care.

The Integr8 programme runs across multiple cohorts throughout the year, so applicants need to specify which cohort they are applying for in order to be considered. Please note that attendance at all three dates of the cohort is required.



Collabor8 is a one-day programme that assists participants in building positive working relationships with people.


Leading Through Inclusion

A leadership programme that focuses on the diversity of our organisation and challenges staff to lead with an inclusive culture


To apply for any of the courses above, please fill in this Application Form and submit it via email to:

Applicants will be expected to have 100% compliance with Statutory and Mandatory training and have an appraisal recorded on ESR within the last 12 months. Applications who do not meet these requirements will not be considered.


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