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Leadership and Management Programmes


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Financial Wellbeing and Pension Support

Rhian Hughes from the Money and Pensions Service (MaPS) will be sharing why financial wellbeing is important and what money and pension support and guidance is available and how we can support our colleagues.

The session will cover:

  • Introduction to the Money and Pensions Service
  • What is Financial Wellbeing and why it’s important
  • Introduction to MoneyHelper/HelpwrArian
  • Find out what free money and pension guidance, tools and resources are available to support staff
  • Discussion and Q&A

We will be hosting 2 webinars on 9th November 2022. If you would like to attend, please sign up using the links below.


Sign up for Webinar 1 (11:30-12:30)


Sign up for Webinar 2 (15:30-16:30)



First Steps to Management

Healthy Working Relationships Within any organisation, not just the NHS, the first level management role is probably one of the most important. The ability to understand and communicate effectively with a broad range of people is essential. Regardless of role or organisational position, staff can carry influence beyond their immediate team and impact on the delivery of services.


This programme is designed to equip both new and experienced supervisors, team leaders and aspiring managers in Cardiff & Vale UHB with an increased self-awareness and understanding of their personal impact that will allow them to better empower their teams.


Module 1: Organising yourself and others

Module 2: Working with others

Module 3: Developing communication

Module 4: Policies and procedures

Module 5: Creating a positive workplace


Essential Management Skills

Applications are sought from current line managers or those that are about to step into that role from across the UHB. The programme aims to develop the essential skills that all managers need to effectively manage  themselves, their teams and their resources.


Participants will gain an insight into the skills required to manage others and have a direct impact on the delivery of safe and compassionate care through improved individual and team performance.


Module 1: Your role as a manager

Module 2: Caring for our patients through good processes

Module 3: Caring for our people and culture

Module 4: Managing our resources

Module 5: Managing our people and culture


How to apply?

To indicate your interest in attending one of these programmes please complete the form here.




ACCELER8 is about connecting leaders together, across boundaries, systems and professions, to solve problems, engage and motivate others, and improve leadership practices. We're not creating experts in any particular area, but exposing participants to a number of different experiences and perspectives, adding an additional layer to their existing knowledge and expertise. We challenge traditional health care systems thinking and through the weaving together of a number of key elements, we want to energise and reconnect participants to their “why” and to that of their organisation or service.


ACCELER8 comprises of 7 modules, each with a specific focus, designed to allow you to develop and refine your own personal leadership skills and qualities. You will be exposed to new ways of thinking, from a range of contexts and identifying ways to make change in our system.


Module 1: Leadership at the heart of everything we do

Module 2: Residential experience

Module 3: Leadership in action

Module 4: Influencing, politics and decision making

Module 5: Innovation and improvement

Module 6: People, culture and safety

Module 7: Taking this forward…


You can find out more about ACCELER8 here (EN) or (CY).

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