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The UHB takes seriously its obligation to ensure that when a member of staff wishes to retire he or she is treated with dignity and respect, and that all necessary arrangements are made to ensure that the transition to retirement is managed smoothly.

The Retirement Procedure outline the steps members of staff need to take when they are approaching the age at which they are eligible to retire if they wish to consider retiring, or to retire and return to employment.  The role and responsibilities of line managers and the actions they need to take are also described.

The Learning, Education and Development (LED) team organise a one day Preparation for Retirement Programme three times a year.  For more information or to book a place contact or phone 02921 847834.

The state pension is changing in 2016 - for information on what this means to you please see this guidance from NHS Employers:

The state pension is changing - what it means for you  


Standard Letters and Forms

Managers should write to all staff who have given notice of their intention to retire by using this standard letter (link)

When managers are informed that a member of their staff intends to retire they should complete a proforma to enable to UHB Chair to write to the individual.  Each member of staff retiring from the organisation is also given the opportunity to meet the Chair.

Chairs Retirement Proforma


Flexible Retirement

Depending on which section of the NHS Pension Scheme an individual is in, there are various options available to them as they approach retirement

Step down

Staff can step down to a different role, for example, to reduce the level of responsibility while remaining in NHS employment.

Wind down

Staff can wind down to retirement by remaining in their current post but reduce the number of hours or days they work.

Retire and return 

Members who have reached the minimum pension age can choose to retire, claim their pension benefits and then return to NHS employment.

Draw down

Members can take part of their pension benefits and continue in NHS employment.

Late Retirement Enhancement

Members can retire later than their normal pension age and have their pension benefits increased.

Early retirement reduction buy out 

Members or employers can pay additional contributions to buy out the reduction applied to the member's pension if they retire before their normal pension age.


NHS Pension Scheme Retirement Flexibilities Checklist Poster

Your flexible retirement options - A quick guide for employees  

Your flexible retirement options - A quick guide for employers


Retire and Return Option

One of the most popular flexible retirement options available is the Retire and Return Option.  This allows a member of staff to apply to retire to access their NHS Pension and then return to employment with the UHB.

To ensure consistency and provide clarity about the process, guidance notes have been developed which contain the rules and procedures to be followed.

Should you have any specific queries please contact the HR Operations Team via Actionpoint 


Applications to Retire and Return must be made using the correct form – applications made on a Flexible Working Request Form cannot be processed.

Retire and Return Rules and Procedure

Retire and Return Request & Approval Form

Retire and Return Proforma [to request new contract] 

Retire and Return Enrolments [NAF]

Flexible Retirement Minimum Standards

Retire and Return FAQs

Retire and Return Managers Checklist

Termination Form [ESR]


Salary Sacrifice - Implications on Pensions

The new 2015 NHS Pension Scheme has significant implications for staff participating in the various salary sacrifice schemes.

The guidance and factsheet below provide information for staff who are currently participating in these schemes or are thinking of joining one.

Salary Sacrifice Schemes Pension Implications

Salary Sacrifice Implications for 2015 Scheme members


NHS Retirement Fellowship (Wales)

The Cardiff and Vale District Branch of the NHS Retirement Fellowship formed in 2006 with an initial membership of six and now has over 150 members.   Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month , and regularly attract in excess of 80 members.

The Fellowship recently submitted a successful bid for financial support from the Awards for All Wales, Big Lottery Fund for an improved sound / video system which is now used at  meetings and has greatly improved the experience for those members with audio or visual impairment.  

Benefits of Membership

  • Establish / Maintaining Friendships
  • Regular Meetings
  • Events Diary
  • Holidays / Short Breaks
  • Links with other branches
  • Newsletters
  • Annual Conference / Holiday
  • Home visits / Benevolent Fund
  • Study Bursary

Who Can Join?

  • Anyone who has retired from working for the NHS regardless of age, when or why retired.
  • Anyone of the age of 50 years or over who still works within the NHS, at any grade.
  • Those who worked or worked for a contracted service within the NHS.
  • Volunteers who give their services to the NHS in any way.
  • Partners / spouses of any of the above.

Further information about the Retirement Fellowship is available via  Contact details and other information about the Cardiff and Vale District Branch are also available via the NHS Retirement Fellowship website.

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