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Re-Banding Requests / Changed Jobs

Changed Jobs

For any changed jobs, the original job description that was matched must be updated and put onto the current UHB template. The changes should be made using the Track Changes facility in Microsoft Word (any jobs received without track changes will be sent back).  This should be submitted with the Job Description Matching Form.  The job will then be assessed by trained job matchers to determine whether the changes that have been made will affect the pay band.  If the changes are not significant and do not affect the band the job will be re-coded by the Job Evaluation Team and sent back to the manager so that the post can be advertised.  If the changes are significant the job will go to a Job Matching Panel to be matched. 


Remember, what can look like a small change can have a big impact when evaluating a job, all changes no matter how small need to be reviewed by trained job matchers.

Job Description Matching Form

Job Matching Top Tips - changed Jobs Final

Re-Banding Requests

The process of submitting a re-banding request is similar to the changed jobs process.  The original job description must be used and transferred onto the current UHB template, and the necessary changes made using Track Changes. The track changed must be done to both the job description and Effort Factor Proforma. All changes must be agreed by both the manager and individual before being submitted and the date this became effective should be agreed.  The information should then be submitted with the completed Job Description Re-Banding Request Form.


Job Description Re-Banding Request Form


All Wales Job Description Sharing Protocol

Within NHS Wales, there are frequently similar jobs in a number of Health Boards. A protocol has been developed to enable recruiting managers to potentially use the job descriptions from another Health Board when recruiting to a new post. N.B. the protocol cannot be used for re-banding requests.

When using the job description from another Health Board, only minor amendments can be made to the original. If the changes are deemed to be significant, the full Job Matching Process must be followed.

If you have seen a job description from another Health Board that you wish to use you must send a copy of the this to the People Assurance & Experience team who will be able to submit a sharing request to the All Wales Job Evaluation Unit. 

For further information please see the New and Changed Jobs Procedure. 


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