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Personal Development

Learning and Development

Learning never stops and the UHB is committed to supporting individual personal and professional development goals wherever possible. Our Learning, Education and Development Department has a team that co-ordinates a wide range of development opportunities for staff, including an extensive programme for:

  • induction and mandatory training,
  • clinical skills training,
  • leadership and management development,
  • basic skills,
  • partnership working.

Staff will also be encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning to maintain competence and confidence in responding to changing clinical practice and technology. To assist in this, we have developed a range of blended learning approaches providing a variety of methods to suit individual learning styles, ensuring accessibility by all. Our ‘Learning Zones’ also provide computer based learning opportunities to help keep pace with changing technology, and develop new competences.

Medical and Dental Education Department

The UHB's Medical and Dental Education Department is based at University Hospital of Wales (UHW) and University Hospital Llandough (UHL).

The Department provides the infrastructure and staff to facilitate the Education, Training and Continuing Development of Postgraduate Professionals in Hospital Medicine, General Practice and Dentistry. For further information please visit the internet pages.

Becoming a Reservist

Being a reservist is a great way to progress in your career in health and obtain new skills. By 2018, the Government is looking to increase the number of reservists across the army, navy and air force by 50% to 30,000. More than 5,000 of these reservists will come from medical services, including nurses, doctors and physiotherapists.

Find out more about becoming a reservist


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