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Short Stay Surgical Unit

The Short Stay Surgical Unit is a relatively recent development within the University Hospital of Wales. 

The largest SSSU unit within Europe, it offers both staff and patients a unique healthcare experience within one of the most advanced environments of its kind.

Built to undertake 13,500 cases per year, it boasts 8 theatres, a newly increased ward capacity of 28 adult and 9 paediatric overnight beds and 16 adult day case trolleys.  

What we offer

For patients:

The majority of patients who are treated in the SSSU undergo an anaesthetic pre-operative assessment in our Nurseā€“led assessment area a few weeks before their intended operation date.  This ensures patients are suitable for treatment on a day case or ambulatory basis and also reduces cancellations.

The Unit provides treatment for patients requiring a wide range of surgical procedures, with most patients returning home on the same day of surgery. 

Depending upon individual  needs, for those patients who do need to stay in hospital no more than an overnight stay is required. 

We also have the facilities to accommodate patients who need a longer stay of up to 72 hours, including patients who require more intensive nursing care following their procedure.  We strive to provide patient care that meets individual needs and expectations.

For other departments:

The Unit aims to work in partnership with other departments to improve and develop services across a wider range of specialties.  

An increasing number of procedures are now undertaken in the SSSU, that used to need an inpatient bed, thereby enhancing the service offered to patients.