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The All Wales Inherited Metabolic Disease Service (Adults)

We are a team of dedicated healthcare professionals who look after adults with inherited disorders of metabolism.

Our outpatient clinics include:

We accept referrals from other healthcare professionals and regularly welcome patients moving from the paediatric metabolic clinics to our service; a process known as transition.

Outpatient clinics

Our outpatient clinic service is primarily based in the outpatient departments at both University Hospital of Wales and University Hospital Llandough, Cardiff. Outpatient clinic appointments may also be offered to you at Wrexham Maelor Hospital and Denbigh Community Hospital.

Alternatively you may also be offered a telephone appointment or an online appointment via a video call. Video calling is as convenient as a phone call with the added value of face to face communication.

Who will I see?

There is a team of specialist consultants responsible for the ongoing management of the care of Adults with Inherited Metabolic Disorders in Wales.

  • Dr Duncan Cole
    Clinical Lead, The All Wales Inherited Metabolic Disease Service

  • Professor Mike Badminton
    Clinical Lead, The National Acute Porphyria Service (Cardiff)

  • Dr Danja Schulenburg-Brand
    Consultant in General Inherited Metabolic Disease and Porphyria

  • Dr Dev Datta
    Consultant in Metabolic Medicine

  • Dr Patrick Wainwright
    Consultant in Metabolic Medicine

  • Dr Aidan Ryan
    Clinical Fellow in Metabolic Medicine

Who else will I see?

The Adult Inherited Metabolic Disease (IMD) Service also includes metabolic dietitians, clinical nurse specialists and a specialist physiotherapist.

  • Sarah Bailey
    Clinical Lead Dietitian

  • Dilan Thompson
    Metabolic Dietitian

  • Steven Grayston

  • Rhiannon Armstrong
    Clinical Nurse Specialist for Inherited Metabolic Disorders

  • Omabe Obasi
    Clinical Nurse Specialist for Acute Porphyria and Lysosomal Storage Disorders

  • Hayley Davis
    Specialist Physiotherapist

If you are unsure of whom you have seen or spoken to please do not hesitate to ask. Patients are discussed at a weekly clinical meeting attended by everyone in the team.

Contact us

Should you wish to contact us with non-urgent enquires you can do so between the hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm weekdays.

General Metabolic and Lysosomal Storage Disorders patient enquires
Dietetic patient enquires
Porphyria patient enquires

If you have an acute metabolic condition and become acutely unwell at any time of the day, start your oral emergency regimen immediately. Do not delay going to hospital whilst trying to contact us. Take your emergency guideline with you, which contains information on how admitting teams can contact us.

For healthcare professionals

A detailed guideline for immediate emergency management can also be found on the British Inherited Metabolic Disease Group (BIMDG).

In an emergency please try to contact a Metabolic Consultant. Please note that the Metabolic Consultants wish to encourage medical contact.

Please note: There is no formal out-of-hours medical on call service for Inherited Metabolic Disease, but consultants may be contacted via University Hospital of Wales switchboard (029 218 47747) if urgent advice is needed, although their availability cannot be guaranteed.

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