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Study Leave

Study Leave is managed as per the All Wales HEIW Policy

As Study Leave allocation can vary year by year we advise that you contact the Study Leave Administrator to confirm your individual allocation.  If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact Siobhan Griffin, Study Leave Administrator, UHW, Tel: 029 2184 2474

Study Leave is defined as leave granted for postgraduate purposes and approved by the UHB and includes study (usually but not exclusively or necessarily on a course), research or taking examinations.

Study Leave Administrators for Cardiff and Vale UHB

Miss Siobhan Griffin, Study Leave Administrator, UHW, Tel: 029 2184 2474

Miss Abigail James, Medical Education Assisstant, UHW, Tel: 029 2184 6237

Mrs Carole Gee, Deputy Medical Education Manager, UHW, Tel: 029 2184 6222

The administrators liaise with the Foundation Programme Directors (FPDs) regarding issues relating to FP1 and FP2 study leave applications, and the other Faculty Leads regarding other applications.

Online Study Leave Manager System

The Leave Manager is an on-line study leave application system.  The system allows applications for all types of leave to be managed with increased efficiency as the process is paperless and all electronic communications are fully automated.
For further information please contact Miss Siobhan Griffin, Tel: 029 2184 2474, E-mail:

Applying for Study Leave

Please follow these steps when applying for study leave:

  • Online applications must be made six weeks prior to course dates.
  • Please ensure you apply for all the expenses you are likely to incur.

NB You must adhere to departmental procedures for recording your absence to ensure clinical cover.


Claiming Back Expenses

NB You cannot claim back expenses for study leave unless you have completed the on-line application process before the course took place.

  • All expenses associated with your study leave must be applied for via sel-expenses.
  • Make sure you upload all receipts prior to submitting the claim. Expenses submitted without receipts will not be paid.
  • Expenses must be submitted within three months of the course date.

Illegible or incomplete applications will be unsubmitted. 

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