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Fetal Medicine Unit

The Fetal Medicine Unit provides a service to the local population as well as a regional level service for women with a previous history of maternal or fetal conditions or those women who require fetal medicine intervention due to problems with their current pregnancy.

The Unit has close working links with both the hospital Antenatal Clinic and Obstetric Ultrasound Department and in addition works closely with other related hospital departments such at Fetal Cardiology, Genetics and Neonatology. 

You may be referred to the Fetal Medicine Unit for a specialist review of your pregnancy.

The Unit is run by a specialist team including Consultant Obstetricians Bryan Beattie and Christine Conner, Fetal Medicine Midwives Judith Bibby, Jacqueline Cartilage and Jayne Frank, and Paediatric doctors, Genetics and Radiology specialists.

Your Visit to the Unit

On arrival please check in to Antenatal Clinic and take a seat in the Fetal Medicine Unit, which is situated just behind the clinic. There may be a delay in your appointment owing to the nature and complexities of the Unit.  Please be assured we will see you as soon as possible.  We are fully aware of your anxieties. 

During your first visit you will meet your allocated Consultant and one of the named midwives.  You will have your blood pressure and urine checked.  During your first consultation you will be asked some questions regarding your pregnancy and the reason for your referral to fetal medicine.  We may also need to discuss your family history and any previous pregnancies.  You will be scanned and your Consultant / Midwife will then discuss the scan details with you. Please note that if your appointment is on a Thursday your scan will be performed in the main radiology department and the consultation afterwards will be in the Fetal Medicine Unit.

Following your scan you may be offered further tests.  These may simply be blood tests or you may be offered invasive testing such as a CVS (Chorionic Villus Sampling) or Amniocentesis.  These tests will be explained to you in detail, and if offered you will have the opportunity to discuss these further with one of our team. 

It may be recommended that you attend the Fetal Medicine Unit during the duration of your pregnancy.  Your care may be shared between us and your local hospital.  You will be given a letter from us following each visit giving details of your pregnancy, scan findings, tests and information regarding your consultation.  As we are a teaching hospital, on occasions, we also have students who attend our clinics. If you do not wish them to be present during your consultation please let the staff know.

Please bring your Antenatal Notes and a Urine Sample to each appointment

You may be advised to have your baby at this hospital if it is envisaged that your baby will need specialist care following delivery. 


If you have your baby in UHW you will have a consultation with one of the Specialist Paediatricians before your baby’s arrival.  The midwives are available to discuss your needs and any queries you may have, as we appreciate that it can be difficult and anxious time for you and your family.

If your baby is expected to be admitted to the Neonatal Unit you may be able to organise accommodation via the Neonatal Unit in the Ronald McDonald House accommodation.   Occasionally delivery of your baby may be delayed if there is no neonatal cot available for your baby.  It may also be possible that the Neonatal Unit is closed to admissions and you will have to be admitted to another hospital. 

How to find us

The Fetal Medicine Unit is located within the Maternity Department at the University Hospital of Wales.

If you need to contact us or discuss your appointment please ring:

  • 02920 745230
  • 02920 746337

The Unit is open from 8.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday and clinics are run every morning.  Occasionally you may be put through to an answer machine where you are welcome to leave a message.  We will return your call as soon as possible.


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