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Resources for Carers and Parents

This section provides resources developed by the Resilience Project for Carers and Parents on topics around mental health and wellbeing. This includes advice and information on supporting children and young people, but also advice for their own mental health and wellbeing.

Video Resources

Resilience Project Video Library

Video Resource for Carers and Parents


Downloadable Resources for Parents and Carers


COVID-19 Resources

How to support children and young people during Covid-19 : A guide for parents and carers

Mental Health Top Tips

Anxiety Top Tips – Parents
Confidence and Self-Esteem Top Tips – Parents
Emotional Regulation Difficulties Top Tips – Parents
Low Mood Top Tips - Parents
OCD Top Tips – Parents
Selective Mutism Top Tips – Parents
Self Harm Top Tips – Parents
Sleep Hygiene Top Tips – Parents

Self-Help Workbooks

School Based Anxiety Parent Workbook - Primary


Transition for Parents

Psychologist Top Tips for Transition

Therapeutic Parenting  

Self-care for Parents/Carers 

The Importance of Understanding Age 

The Hand-Brain Model 

Understanding PACE (A Way of Being) 

Regulating our Body (Window of Tolerance) 

Understanding Behaviour (Seeing Beyond the Behaviour) 

Relational Games and Creative Tools 

Understanding and Responding to Shame 

Connection with Correction (The Two Hands of Parenting) 

Collaborative Problem Solving 

Natural and Logical Consequences 

Understanding Blocked Trust 

Recovering from Blocked Care 

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