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Sky Floor (First)

CHfW Owl

Owl Ward is the Surgical Ward which has 14 beds for day surgery cases, and 28 beds for acute inpatient surgical care. The close proximity of children’s theatres makes the children’s surgical pathway more efficient and more child friendly, as the children are able to remain in the play rooms until the anaesthetist is ready to start. The journey from recovery is significantly shortened as the wards are next to each other.

There is a school room for longer term children and a therapy room for children who are inpatients and too unwell to go to the therapy suite on the ground floor.

The surgical inpatients ward has large open four bedded areas so that the children can be easily observed post-operatively.

There are a number of cubicles for the long term children who “live” on the ward for some time for their rehabilitation, all with en-suite wet room facilities.

As on Land Floor, there are parents' pull down beds, counselling facilities and parents' rooms on this floor alongside the inpatient beds.

The Children's Investigations Unit is now located on Bumble Bee Day Unit.

CHfW Rainbow

 Enfys / Rainbow Oncology Ward specialises in the treatment and care of children with cancer and haematological disorders. We are the lead centre for South Wales and cover the whole area of Wales south of Aberystwyth. We are a 9 bedded ward and provide up-to-date, evidence-based practice to ensure best possible care for children and young people in a safe and caring environment.

Rainbow Daybeds

Rainbow Daybeds have their own treatment room and a 6 bedded area attached to the main ward which is used for children needing daily treatments such as chemotherapy, blood transfusions and investigations. There is also an Anaesthetic Room / Theatre which is used one day per week for treatments that require a general anaesthetic.

Both areas have their own playroom and play specialist.


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