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Physiotherapy for Bronchiectasis

Physiotherapy is an important part of managing bronchiectasis. If we diagnose you with bronchiectasis, we will discuss with you a specific treatment plan. This will be tailored to you personally, based on what will be most beneficial to you. 

We may teach you airway clearance techniques (ACT), which may include postural drainage (PD) exercises. These involve lying on alternate sides and performing breathing exercises which help drain phlegm.  

You should carry out these exercises once or twice a day for at least 20 minutes per session. With regular airway clearance, you will cough up mucus which might otherwise collect in the lungs. This prevents infection and means you are less likely to cough up mucus at other times of the day. 


Exercising in any form also helps the lungs clear mucus and improves general fitness. There are a range of exercises, known as airway clearance techniques, that can help remove mucus from your lungs. 

This can often help improve coughing and breathlessness in people with bronchiectasis.


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