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Bronchiectasis Clinical Nurse Specialist Office: 02920 716867

We welcome phone calls in Welsh and in English.


When to see a GP/Medical Advice 

If you have not previously been diagnosed with bronchiectasis and you develop a persistent cough, visit a GP for advice. While persistent coughing may not necessarily be the result of bronchiectasis, it needs further investigation.

If you have been diagnosed with bronchiectasis previously and begin to experience symptoms that suggest you have a lung infection, contact your GP. You'll usually need treatment with antibiotics.

Some people with bronchiectasis are given a stock of back-up antibiotics as a precaution in case they suddenly develop a lung infection.

You should see your GP if you develop a persistent cough. While this may not be caused by bronchiectasis, it requires further investigation.

If your GP suspects you may have bronchiectasis, they'll refer you to us for further tests and investigation.



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